Fashion IS meeting tech!

We here at Banzi can attest that the evolution of the balloon industry was directly impacted by the advanced technological capabilities of today's modern society. However, due to the very modern technological world that we live in today, innovation is hard to come by. Ideas are stolen, innovation and credibility seem to no longer exist. So how must companies separate themselves from the rest of the world?


Gary Vaynerchuk says it best, "innovate or die". Here at Banzi we are constantly innovating,  and attempting new strategies to introduce to the marketplace. More importantly though, we look outside of our industry to try to find new ideas that we can merge into our industry. Often times we are looking inside the tech driven world and visualizing how technology can be "installed" into our industry.


You heard it here first! We have slowly started to step AWAY from the social media spotlight. Social Media, internet, and have the capability to see what your competition is doing on a drop of a dime actually can hinder your company and your innovations stolen. I believe companies are starting to see pitfalls to technology and now are looking for ways to protect themselves!



Okay Banzi, now you're confusing me. Hide, don't hide, WHICH IS IT?! I think you need to hide crucial and critical data that makes your company absolutely special (only if you are in an industry where something could be easily duplicated). For the contact you do put out! MAKE IT SPECIAL!!! Make it drive interest in your company, dabble into what makes you unique, but don't show all your marbles! You will quickly learn how to engage your clients, customers, and you will quickly start to understand how tech can help push your company to a new level with the LEAST amount of effort. 



I believe if you aren't introducing tech into your company, somebody else is. Today's customers are utilizing eCommerce to shop, research, and ultimately purchase. Learn what technology can increase your customer retention, increase sales, but most importantly - add bottom line value to your company. 


The message here is, continue to innovate. INNOVATE OR DIE! And that is found through tech. Our company is perfect example for when technology meets a fashionable product!