Balloons drive brand engagement!

 Why choose Haus of Hooray when promoting your business?
1) Brand Engagement
Brand Engagement is all about what you can do to build excitement with your company. Haus of Hooray dives deep in your brand, image, and ties that into a balloon. Not just any balloons, but branded logo balloons that mimics the very core of your business. Balloons with elegance, fashion, and eye appeal. Balloons that will add a 'WOW' factor because they have never been seen anywhere else! You want engagement, watch our balloons engage people's mind, and start opening the door to conversation!
2) Brand Recognition
Once that door is open, the floor is yours! Make a small compliment about the balloon and use that momentum to discuss how our awesome balloons translate to your amazing company! With balloons so unique, they will surely remember your brand and that in turn will build recognition! 
3) The design
We've helped companies in all sorts of industries and we take those experiences to customize the balloon to your business. While representing Salesforce, we used clouds as the tassel and filled the balloon to give it a cloud look! Resembling Salesforce's cloud capabilities! MBO16, we took the dots in the logo and shot them down the tassel. We take the time to care, study, and implement a balloon that is perfectly tailored to your company.
4) No minimum, all satisfaction
Many of these manufacturers who put out the traditional 11" balloons, that hold absolutely zero value, will have a minimum order from 100 up to a 1000. Usually they drop the price to .09-.15 per balloon, but do the math. You are still spending quite a bit on 11" balloons that don't hold much value. The logo won't be multi-colored and is just overall not very appealing. We do orders anywhere from 1 balloon to unlimited. So even if it is a one time event, we have you covered with the best business balloons in the nation!
5) Installation
We offer on site installation to give you the peace of mind. We have all the equipment and staff ready to have any event up in a snap! So take the stress off your shoulders, worry about what is important, and we will have your event, entry way, or any occasion looking absolutely amazing!