Balloon Care At It's Finest

Since opening our store, I want to take some time to address some area to help educate our loyal customer base on how to get the best results with latex balloons.


Heat is devastating to balloons. Why, you might ask? Well helium does not take kindly to heat at all. Helium is a gas and when heated up, it will expand. This expansion can either be planned for prior to inflation or not planned for at all. The latter will definitely lead to grade disaster if you are planning to having your balloons outside. We do not and will not take responsibility for balloons that pop once they leave our store. So rule #1 - keep balloons in the coolest place possible or worst case scenario, plan for the heat and inflate to standard size, then slightly deflate the balloon to allow the balloon room to expand!

2) Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is just as equally damaging. Not as damaging as heat, but the sunlight can break down the latex much faster. The helium may not expand inside the balloon, but that doesn't mean the balloon won't take a beating while fighting off those rays! No, sun screening your latex won't work either!

3) Confetti Balloons

We do from time to time get complaints that the confetti does not stick! The key to fixing these confetti balloons is by FIRST, properly inflating the balloon with 75% helium and 25% oxygen/air. The reason for doing this is, so that you can later rub the surface of the balloon and create static. The static will stick to the air inside the balloon - thus pulling the confetti with it! It is truly magic once you see it happen!

Well, this wraps up our session on how to properly care for your balloons! Please reach out to us for any questions, until then - THE PARTY STARTS HERE!